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Rock climbing in Zion National Park

Rock climbing in Zion National Park

Hi, I’m Chris.

I was living in San Diego working as a Park Ranger at Cabrillo National Monument.  I moved from the Bay Area to San Diego in 2001 to join the US Marines.  I got out after 5 years and began attending college, eventually ending up at UCSD.  I love San Diego, but I was ready for a change.

I had been through southwest Utah several times over the years and the red rocks had always called to me.  Springdale, UT, the gateway town for Zion National Park had many appealing features to it.  A few  months later I got a job at Zion and moved there in my van.  I left San Diego on a Thanksgiving weekend and  arrived the next day.  I looked around for a few months and finally found a perfect place for me; a double wide on an acre 20 minutes away in Virgin.  I can walk to the Virgin River in 10 minutes.  I have tens of thousands of acres of public land right in my backyard, with nearly every possible outdoor activity accessible without getting into my car

Most of us here work in tourism related jobs based around Zion National Park, work less than 9 months a year, and are passionate about a life light on the earth and heavy on community; a community based around outdoor recreation.  We are climbing guides, servers, shuttle drivers, construction workers, park rangers bartenders and odd-job-doers-any way to pay the bills while living an intentional life. I have been spending winters traveling around the world and southwest, and then returning to work once tourism picks back up.

After returning from a long trip, my friend told me that she was preggers with my daughter…not exactly something on my radar.  Despite my initial surprise, and just a little bit of terror, I couldn’t be happier to have a beautiful baby girl.  The mother and I are great friends and I enjoy spending a lot of time with her and her 4 other children.  We have decided not to have a formal agreement for custody (what could go wrong;).  We have mutually agreed upon goals and are confident that our future selves can handle it (sound logic if you ask me). Our arrangement is unconventional, but suits us.  Our modern family is surrounding Ivy with a ton of love!


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