The Watchmen in Zion National Park, Utah
The first time I looked up at the Iconic peak of The Watchmen I wanted to see the view from up top.
After climbing Mt. Everest, George Mallory was asked by a reporter why he climbed mountains, and Mallory replied, “because they are there.”
I think there is something innate in humans that drives us to explore the unknown.  After the colonists arrived in North America they continued to explore westward until they reached the Pacific;  we then went into  space for our next adventure into the unknown.   People have continued to push their limits and put themselves in danger to explore new horizons.
You don’t have to go into space to experience why people explore. You can get the same feeling  on an afternoon hike to a new place that you can summiting everest.  While I know that others have been where I am and that I am not the first, in the wilderness we are out of our controlled environment and we become acutely aware of our own mortality.  When the comforts are stripped away we become much more primal and much closer to the struggle for life.  We were designed for this, and  evolution  wired a chemical payoff for us.
The innate desire for humans to challenge ourselves and the boundaries of what we know and where we have been,  it’s why I am a dirtbag traveller.

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